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Stone mill flour in the cause of abnormal sound

2021-2-22 11:40:30

Production safety in all walks of life are deeply seriously, so is a stone mill flour of the unit. When machine is in use for a period of time, hard to avoid all sorts of problems, to check more at ordinary times, the security hidden danger thoroughly killed in the cradle.

When there is abnormal sound stone mill flour unit, means that it is abnormal, is the beginning of the malfunction. Be sure to find out why, timely solve. Abnormal sound appeared several reasons of grain and oil machinery to talk about it:

1 unit, when stone mill flour core bore is not smooth, will result in uneven degree of outer diameter of the rotor and shaft core a chute conformity is bad, then there will be a electromagnetic noise.

2, if it is found that stone mill flour units appear uneven, voice of the collision is caused fan cover collisions with the blades.

3, when stone mill flour wind deflector unit with small mouth edge contact is bad, high and low at ordinary times will not result in wind deflector emit sound, this would require the technicians to debug wind deflector under high and low position.

Stone mill flour units

Generally when we ordinary people in stone mill flour unit operation will appear this several voice, each a different voice could be predicted the emergence of a problem, we need to special operators to pay attention to this kind of sound, timely processing, in order to avoid the happening of the safe hidden trouble.