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Oil press screw axis is how of?

2021-2-22 15:32:46

Oil press screw shaft by a few screws and range ring set in the shaft section ring. Every squeezer has a certain pitch and depth of the screw, the shaft of each compression screw pitch from inlet to outlet gradually shortened, the depth of the screw becomes shallow gradually, make the compression chamber volume from inlet to outlet decreases. Blank into the crushing chamber, the squeezing screw is to export, pressure increases gradually, make the oil one by one by extrusion. Gasket between the press cage and squeezing with installation, in order to form the oil outlet clearance, squeeze out the crude oil through the clearance flow out.

Oil press equipment is under the action of dynamic extrusion, move forward, make blank in squeezing indoor, crimping machine oil. In addition to the feed hopper, crushing chamber is the major operating parts, by squeezing screw axis and the cylinder press cage. Repression has two kinds: single stage repression and two-stage repression. Only one single stage horizontal crushing chamber, two-stage add a direct suppression chamber, used to suppress the first grade, and open out early if the feed is overmuch, can be used to fry oilseed feed slowly, repeated grinding can be eliminated. In the process of second, pressing, due to a large amount of feed, suppress indoor material is cut off, crushing chamber were choked up with oil. Therefore, feeding should be continuous uniform. Jam, if any, shall be immediately cut off the power and stop feeding, open the stripper plate, take out the screw shaft, remove the oil hole, and back pressure.