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Rapeseed oil is commonly known as rapeseed oil, also known as rapeseed oil, coriander oil,

2021-5-20 21:22:01

Rapeseed oil is commonly known as rapeseed oil, also known as rapeseed oil, coriander oil, brassica oil, sesame oil, canola oil, is a kind of edible oil squeezed out of rapeseed.It is one of the main edible oils in China, mainly produced in the Yangtze River Basin, southwest, northwest and other places, the output ranks first in the world.

After nearly 10 years of efforts, China has transformed the traditional inferior rapeseed oil with high erucic acid into one with good nutritional quality and low erucic acid in the mass vegetable oil. By 2010, the double low rate of rapeseed oil in China reached more than 90%. It can be divided into pressed rapeseed oil and extracted rapeseed oil according to the processing technology.The processing output of rapeseed oil has also become a topic of concern in the oil market.Leaching oil is quickly used by oil processing plants because of its high oil yield. Leaching refining rapeseed oil has become a more common refining method at present. Which is better, rapeseed leaching oil or pressed oil?

With the improvement of people's living standard in our country, people have higher and higher requirements on the quality of edible fats.This requires our oil processing enterprises to strive to improve the technology, equipment, technological level and management level, so that the leaching equipment can produce high-quality products with higher efficiency, so as to cope with the cruel market competition and meet the growing needs of people.Compared with other oil production methods, the use of leaching equipment for oil production has a lot of advantages, the following is to introduce:

1. The oil yield of the extraction equipment is higher than that of other oil production methods. After the extraction of oil by the extraction method, the residual oil of the meal is less than 1%, which is of great significance for the rational utilization of oil resources.

2. Oil meal after oil extraction contains high protein, which can be used as raw material for livestock and animal feed production.

3, the processing cost is relatively low, because of the use of non-mechanization method, especially the increase of the production scale, the processing cost is lower.

4, leaching equipment is easy to achieve automatic control of production, leaching method belongs to the combination of chemical production units, it is easy to achieve automatic control of production, pressure, liquid level, vacuum, etc.

5, the production environment of the leaching equipment for oil production is better, because of its closed production, no leakage, no dust, and low temperature, the production environment is better than the production environment of the pressing method.

6, leaching equipment system of oil production of oil is of good quality, because production is the organic solvent leaching method, it has dissolved selectively, in the process of oil leaching of lipid fat-soluble impurities for effective control, the control method can by the solvent performance, leaching temperature, leaching method to add other solvent in the course of implementation.

Rapeseed oil extraction equipment

The above is the advantages of using leaching equipment to make oil, of course, the advantages of rapeseed pressing method is the use of pure physical pressing oil process, through material selection, baking, physical pressing, and finally through the natural plant fiber filtration technology production.This method does not involve the addition of chemical substances, retain the rich nutrition in the oil, no chemical solvent pollution, does not contain any chemical anti-corrosion antioxidants, more original flavor