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How much soybean oil can be produced by a small oil press?

2021-6-15 21:09:05

How much soybean oil can be produced by a small oil press? The oil yield of soybean is generally in the range of 12-18%, that is to say, one kilo of soybean can get 12-22% of soybean oil; There are two main factors that determine the oil yield of soybean;


1. Oil content

As far as China is concerned, it has a vast territory, and the climate difference between the north and the south is also great. Even if the northern soybean varieties can bear fruit in the south, the quality will decline a lot, and the oil content is also very low. Therefore, soybean oil extraction is the main area in the north. For example, in the United States, the climate here is more suitable for the growth of soybean, The oil content of American soybean is also one percentage point higher than that of Chinese soybean.

2. Extraction process

At present, there are two ways to extract soybean oil: physical pressing by screw press and solvent leaching by leaching equipment. Physical pressing is a way to press the oil in soybean by applying pressure on soybean, which is also the most traditional way. However, the oil extraction rate of this refining method is low, which can be one or two percentage points lower than that of the leaching method. However, soybean pressed oil is more nutritious and tastes better than extracted soybean oil;